Sabbat Procedures

A group or individual wishing to present a ritual for GSG must first submit a written request that includes the name of the group/individual, the Sabbat requested and an outline of the ritual they wish to present. This may be done via email, regular post, or in person at a regular open meeting.

Each Sabbat presented must contain an explanation of the seasonal celebration. If the approved group chooses a style of worship that is unfamiliar to the Wiccan/Pagan Public at large an explanation of the Rite presented must be included.

The person or group selected for the Sabbat Must have a "cast list" and a complete scripted, as it is intended to be performed, ritual submitted to the GSG Facilitator by the Sabbat prior to the one they are doing. for example Lughnasadh Ritual is to be handed in by Midsummer. Beltane and Samhain Rituals are to be handed in two Sabbats prior, Beltane is to be handed in at Ostara, Samhain is to be handed in by Lughnasadh.

The individual listed as High Priestess/Priest for the Sabbat will be designated contact person for the group unless otherwise specified. The GSG Facilitator must be provided with a contact number and or email for at least one of the individuals presenting the Sabbat.

At least three weeks prior to the Sabbat a full dress rehearsal will take place for the benefit of the Facilitator and any council member who wishes to attend. All members of the "cast" should be present and a full run through with props and costumes will take place at this time.

If the Facilitator determines that the group is not sufficiently prepared on the basis of this rehearsal a second rehearsal will be required for two weeks prior to the Sabbat and at least three additional Council members will be present at this rehearsal. The Facilitator and council members shall constitute the Ritual Committee.

If the Ritual Committee determines that the group is not sufficiently prepared on the basis of the second rehearsal, the group may be replaced at this point.

The contact person is responsible to make sure that any and all necessary arrangements to insure that people and props are present and ready to set up at least three hours prior to the ritual. (We will place Tiki torches if you wish, if the Sabbat is outdoors).

The group presenting the ritual will be ready and in their places at least 15 minutes prior to 8 PM. Gates/doors will close promptly at 8 PM. the Facilitator will give Announcements and the attendees will be lead to the ritual area.

The Group presenting the ritual is responsible for making certain that ritual area will be cleaned and returned to the same condition as it was prior to their arrival.

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