Festival Information

It is customary to help defray the cost of Park rental, ritual and feasting supplies we ask a donation at evening and weekend events There are other special events that we sponsor that have varied suggestions for donations from free to ?? (masquerade ball, ice cream social, ect.).

Lost and Found will be located at the registration table. If it is manmade and just sitting there all alone, the Fairies most likely DID NOT just leave it there for you. Please return found items to registration, just as you would expect to return something you misplaced as well.

There is a phone for URGENT use located in Oak Hall, but it will only call out local numbers. If you need to make a call out of the St. Petersburg calling area, you will have to use your own calling card.

If you want to get onto our email list to be informed of upcoming events come to the registration/welcome table and put your name on the list.

We ask that you observe the less than five mile an hour speed restriction, this is for the safety of all our participants.

Please park your car in designated areas only. Please respect taped off or otherwise "off-limits" areas.

The Council members and the safety team are here to serve you, and in that capacity may remind you of festival/Sabbat etiquette. Please see one of them if there is a conflict you cannot resolve.

The Council Facilitator can be reached by walkie-talkie at any time. Just go to the gate and they will be able to call for assistance.

Sabbat Information

What is a grand Sabbat?

About fifteen years ago the Pagan community of Tampa Bay held it's first Grand Sabbat at CUUPS in Tampa, Lady Ardieth and Dreaming Owl called the community together, Covens, Solitary Practitioners, Pagan Churches, Groves, Networking Groups, for a time of celebration in unity and harmony. This event was held at CUUPs for two years and since then GSG has taken up the tradition. Join us, if you or your group wish to present a workshop, sweat lodge or other offering please email us to be included. Our Grand Sabbats are held at Beltane and Samhain and are three day camping events.Bring a dish and drink to share for the feast following ritual, something to sit on, bug spray, flashlights, noisemakers and friends.

Most of our Sabbats are held outdoors, please dress for the current weather condition. If it is raining or very cold we will meet indoors.

We are a networking group that formed to provide a place for Pagans and Wiccans to meet for the Sabbats, improve communication in the magickal and mundane world, to build a strong connected community, to provide a safe place for new people to meet others of like mind, and to be able to present a public ritual, with the support of elders in the community.

Every community has some basic agreed upon standards... and ours are as follows:

No children under the age of eighteen are allowed on site without their parent or legal guardian. If as an adult you obtain a notarized permission slip from the parent or legal guardian you may bring someone under 18 with you, but you are responsible for their care and their actions.

Please do not bring firearms or weapons of any kind (ritual tools are allowed).

Illegal substances are not permitted at our events.

No pets or familiars are allowed, trained helper animals are always welcome.

The designated photographer has a camera. If you, or your group want a picture they will take it for you and email you a copy.

Each adult has full responsibility for themselves and minor children in their charge.

Please respect all property on the premises, as well as all plants, trees, and animals.

Please do not leave open flames unattended.

Please refrain from any and all conduct that is considered disruptive or harmful to the Wiccan/Pagan Community, this event, or the staff.

Please abide by all Federal, State, and local laws.

Please respect when someone says no it does not mean continue to try, or ask me later. NO MEANS NO!!!

Failure to abide by these guidelines is grounds for expulsion from the event and money may not be refunded.

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