Festival Etiquette

We are a networking group that formed to provide a place for Pagans and Wiccans to meet for the Sabbats, improve communication in the magickal and mundane world, to build a strong connected community, to provide a safe place for new people to meet others of like mind, and to be able to present a public ritual with the support of elders in the community. Every community has some basic agreed upon standards and ours are as follows:

No children under the age of eighteen are allowed on site without their parent or legal guardian. If as an adult you obtain a notarized permission slip from the parent or legal guardian you may bring someone under 18 with you, but you are responsible for their care and their actions.

Please do not bring firearms or weapons of any kind (ritual tools are allowed).

Illegal substances are not permitted at our events.

No pets or familiars are allowed although trained helper animals are always welcome.

The designated photographer has a camera if you, or your group want a picture they will take it for you and email you a copy.

Each adult has full responsibility for themselves and minor children in their charge.

Please respect all property on the premises, as well as all plants, trees, and animals.

Please do not leave open flames unattended.

Please refrain from any and all conduct that is considered disruptive or harmful to the Wiccan/Pagan Community, this event, or the staff.

Please abide by all Federal, State, and local laws.

Please respect when someone says no it does not mean continue to try, or ask me later.

Failure to abide by these guidelines is grounds for expulsion from the event and money will not be refunded.

Circle Etiquette

We come from many diverse backgrounds and your home group or circle may have customs or traditions that vary from ours. Please be tolerant of us if we do not do things as you would. If you were offended or disappointed please let a Council person know the circumstances at an open Council meeting or via a phone call following the event. If something needs our immediate attention we will be glad to assist you after the ritual.

One of the things GSG was founded for was to serve as a mentorship for new people to try their wings at public ritual. The best thing you can do is find one nice thing you liked about the ritual and say that if you feel you must share your feelings with the ritual participants. Believe me! They know if it did not go as they planned and will learn more from what is not said than what is.

Please use the restroom prior to ritual and take care of any personal needs before entering Circle. If you must leave Circle, please have someone cut a door for you to minimize disrupting the energy as much as possible. All beepers and phones should be off during circle. If you have a medical or work related need then they should be on silent mode. There is no smoking or drinking once you have entered the ritual area. Please fieldstrip your cigarettes and be careful where the lit part is extinguished so as not to cause a fire. The gate has plastic Baggies for your remaining cigarette butts, if you have not provided your own disposal box (Sucrets or Altoid boxes are great portable ash trays).

We ask that you respect the people performing the ritual, or facilitating the drum circle. During ritual please keep your conversation to a minimum. If you have a lot of questions please ask them after the ritual. A Council person or the Priest or Priestess of the ritual will be happy to clarify anything they can at that time. Please do not chime in at the end of a ritual with your favorite ritual saying or song. Perhaps the group wants to leave people with a different thought than that.

When entering Ritual space, please enter clockwise unless otherwise specified. Ritual attire is at your own discretion. Street clothes or ritual garb are all acceptable. We are a family oriented group who meet generally at public venues therefore skyclad is not an option for our Rituals. Occasionally we may have drum circles after 11 PM where people may choose to be scantily or otherwise clad. Our fires are Sacred, please do not put trash or cigarettes into any Fire in Ritual or Drum Circle space.

It is customary to have a potluck following a Sabbat. GreenSong Grove provides plates, cups, and eating utensils. The rule of thumb for potluck is to bring a dish or beverage that can feed the number of people you came with plus two more, that will provide for newcomers who did not know to bring a dish and allow us all to try many new recipes.

Please help us keep our expense to a minimum and assist the hard working groups and individuals who give freely of their time by volunteering to help with feasting set up/cleanup. Remember we all would like to have time to visit with you and other friends. Pagans as a whole have a reputation of leaving grounds better than we found them. Please dispose of your own trash, do not leave your unwanted food, used articles or clothing for another person to pick up even if your Mama does worship here!
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