Information for Vendors

If you wish to be on the vendor list for GreenSong Grove please surf on over to the site and sign up:

GreenSong Grove maintains a vendor e group so that vendors can list who you are and what you vend, so that others on the list will know what services are available from this wonderful assortment of vendors. It is also a place to list tips and hints to make your vending experience better and support one another.

The GreenSong Grove vendors are have some of the finest goods and services to be found at festivals and they have generously donated wonderful items to our auction, one of our major sources of funding for GSG Sabbats.

Vendors attending our events will be expected to follow all the same rules and guidelines as any other participant, including the posted check-out time... which is presently noon on the Sunday of the Grand Sabbat weekends. We have a very good relationship with the park staff, and we will not allow anyone to jeopardize that relationship for a few more hours sleep, or because they were unprepared to pack up on time. It is within the Parks rights to assess additional charges if we are not out on time... which will be passed on to those responsible for the delays.

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